A letter to 15 year old Mthuli

By Chenayi Mutambasere

It is very apt that in this week as the young people of Zimbabwe are getting ready to lead the country into protest- a photo of a young Mthuli surfaces.

Young Mthuli Ncube
Young Mthuli Ncube

Suddenly I am looking at Young Mthuli with a different perspective. It’s hard at times to remember that this cabinet where young once, they too had dreams, hopes and ambitions.

Mthuli in fact would have gone to school at a time when teaching was a very lucrative career.

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It was a sure ticket out of poverty in Rhodesia a gateway to a secure civil service income with possibilities of professional development.

I am sure the ambitious Mthuli was captivated by these teachers, knew he would push his education and be somebody one day and that he became…

I wondered if we could go back in time what would we say to the 15 year old Mthuli

1- The opportunities awarded to you allow them to others. Infact strive that more access the same if not better.

2- Do the right thing. Never be ashamed to stand for what is right.

Source: Nehanda Radio

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