Bushiri postpones court, waits for Uebert Angel


The Spiritual Father of the embattled Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is enroute to South Africa, many believe this to be a show of support. Uebert Angel a controversial figure himself is set to hold the Wednesday Service at Bushiri’s ECG Church in Pretoria.

Bushiri and his wife Prophetess Mary Bushiri were arrested last week on charges of fraud and money laundering. This did not come as a surprise to his followers, in a video released in 2016 Bushiri foretold that he would be persecuted and arrested at some point.

Many expected the arrest to affect the attendance of the scheduled church services. However, “the arrival of Uebert Angel changes that expectation.” Said Brian Maliko a Johannesburg based Social commentator.

“Uebert Angel is a miracle worker like Bushiri and is a Prophet like him. His coming to South Africa is not only for emotional support but to bolster the Christian realm and assure the membership of ECG that everything is under control. Above all Uebert Angel is Bushiri’s spiritual father.”

Angel is expected to arrive in South Africa on Wednesday according to a message released by ECG. This coincides with the date when Bushiri will be having his bail hearing. Postponing of the bail from Monday to Wednesday is said to have been agreed upon by the National Prosecuting Authority and Bushiri’s legal team.

“It is not a coincidence that Bushiri wanted his Bail to be heard on Wednesday not Monday. This is a man of the spirit. He reasons from a spiritual level. I am sure the arrival of Uebert Angel and his presence in the country is meant to be spiritually symbolical.” Added Maliko
During his Sunday service in London, Uebert Angel gave a thinly veiled Prophecy when he mentioned in passing that “Someone is coming out of Prison”. Many believe this was a Prophetic message that Bushiri will be released from Police custody.

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