EDITORIAL COMMENT: Chamisa must stop abusing Zim’s expanded democratic space

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Chamisa must stop abusing Zim’s expanded democratic space 1

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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Chamisa must stop abusing Zim’s expanded democratic space 2

Zimbabweans demonstrated on Thursday that they have no time for individuals or political parties that abuse the democratic space ushered in by the Second Republic when they refused to participate in the MDC-Alliance demonstration. The demonstration, which received wide publicity, only attracted a few people, most of them drunk youths who probably looked forward to free alcohol during the demonstration.

Mr Nelson Chamisa who lost to the President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa in the July 30 harmonised elections, has refused to accept the poll outcome. Mr Chamisa went on to challenge the poll results at the Constitutional Court and lost.

It seems he is still to come to terms with the defeat after raising false hope among his supporters that he was winning the elections hence these meaningless demonstrations he is organising. Mr Chamisa is desperate for a Government of National Unity and is using the demonstrations to try and force the Government to come to the negotiating table.

He has in the past convened a Press conference at Harvest House where he pleaded for a coalition Government with President Mnangagwa. “In fact, we will ultimately discuss and resolve our national issues as a country, but there has been no appetite from Mr Mnangagwa to discuss. He seems to want to discuss with the international community not realising that the local community is more important to discuss with, as much as international community is also important,” said Mr Chamisa.

President Mnangagwa has said the ruling party Zanu-PF has no plans for a GNU. The President dismissed as dreamers those thinking of a GNU saying Zanu-PF had no time for such people. Government has, however, indicated that it will only enter into talks with Mr Chamisa if he and his party conceded that President Mnangagwa is the legitimate leader of the country after winning the July 30 harmonised elections.

We have said it before that Zimbabweans should put the elections behind them and focus on turning around the economy. Every Zimbabwean should now put shoulder to the wheel in order to grow the economy which has suffered many years of stagnation.

It is unfortunate that we have among us politicians such as Mr Chamisa who are still in election mode, months after the elections. The issue of growing the economy is a responsibility of every Zimbabwean regardless of one’s political affiliation.

It is therefore baffling to hear Mr Chamisa saying he will work against Government’s economic revival policies. The same Mr Chamisa who wants to “dira jecha musadza”, says he wants to negotiate with the ruling party Zanu-PF leaders to solve the country’s problems and move forward.

It is time Mr Chamisa and his MDC-Alliance stop abusing the expanded democratic space ushered in by the Second Republic and concentrate on nation building.

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