Mugabe was not a womaniser, says sibling to late leader

By Robert Tapfumaneyi

LATE former President Robert Mugabe grew up as a humble boy who stayed away from women from a young age, a sibling to the one-time State leader has said.

A tearful Aunt Josephine Jaricha was speaking during Mugabe’s funeral wake in Kutama Mission earlier during the week.

Jaricha, a half-sister to the country’s founding leader, said a then teenage Mugabe showed he had a bright future ahead of him from his young age.

Because of his discipline to stay away from women, said Jachira, Mugabe’s marriage was stable.

“Mugabe was not a womaniser. I swear in front on God,” said Aunty Jaricha raising her hand.

“Until up to his last breath, Mugabe was a good man, chasing after girls and woman was not part of his character.

“I have never seen such kind of man who respected women like that and valued marriage set-ups.”

Mugabe’s first marriage was to Sally Hayfron, a Ghanaian, in 1961.

Sally died of a kidney failure in 1992 and later re-married Grace Marufu in 1996.

His relationship with Grace, his then secretary, started when Sally was still alive as far back as 1987.

Jachira also had fond memories of the late President’s endurance and endless love.

“There is not even a single person in Kutama village whom Mugabe did not love. He looked after us well and protected us as girls including the late Sabina and Bridget (Mugabe’s sisters),” she said shaking her head.

“He played a fatherly role. God has plucked his flower; God should hear our prayers and offer him a seat on his right side.

“The Madyira, Gushungo and Machinguda, we all have lost a good man who sacrificed all his life to see that we had a good life.

“Now that Mugabe is gone, who will take care of us, all our brothers are all late.

“Even he became the Head of State, his character did not change.”

She added, “To us, despite that he was once the most powerful man in the country, he remained the same Robert that we knew, he performed his duties just like a village boy, respect and love remained with him until his death.

“Everyone here in Kutamba village has lost a son of the soil and a hero.”

Mugabe passed on two weeks ago aged 95 in Singapore where he had been, since April, seeking treatment and was declared a national hero.


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