Zesa scales down load-shedding

Zesa scales down load-shedding 1

By Yeukai Karengezeka Zesa Holdings has downgraded load-shedding from Stage Two to Stage One after it started receiving 400MW from Eskom of South Africa last Thursday, an official has said. ZESA Megawatt HQ in Harare Zesa will now cut off power during the morning and evening peak hours. The peak hours are 5am to 10am and 5pm to 10pm and are largely predictable and easy to plan for. Related Articles This comes after Government made arrangements with the South African firm to offset its US$23 million debt by paying US$890…

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Zesa dismisses four-day load shedding reports

Zesa dismisses four-day load shedding reports 2

By Paidamoyo Chipunz The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has dismissed reports that it will switch to stage four of load shedding, which would see affected suburbs experiencing four days without electricity. In a statement yesterday, ZETDC said stage four was “non-existent”. ZETDC indicated that it only has two stages of load shedding, of which stage two is currently under implementation. “The current load shedding schedule comprises two stages only, (that is) stage 1 and stage 2; – wherein stage 1 denotes power rationing scenario when the power…

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Load shedding to intensify — ZESA

Load shedding to intensify — ZESA 3

Power utility, Zesa Holdings, has announced that it will implement load shedding outside the official schedule following a breakdown at Hwange Power Station. File picture of residents demonstrating against power utility ZESA “Due to a technical fault at Hwange Power Station, local generation is now depressed,” Fullard Gwasira, the spokesperson of Zesa said in a tweet yesterday, adding that “load shedding is now being implemented outside the published schedule”. In an interview, Mr Gwasira said two units at the power station broke down yesterday, reducing output by about 200 megawatts.…

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Finance minister Mthuli Ncube warns ZESA against ‘ill-advised’ tariff increases

Finance minister Mthuli Ncube warns ZESA against ‘ill-advised’ tariff increases 4

HARARE – The government says it will maintain a subsidy on electricity to keep prices low, rejecting demands by power utility ZESA to raise prices in response to the collapse of the RTGS dollar. ZESA said last month it had applied to the energy regulator to raise its tariff by 30 percent for maintenance of its grid and after the price of diesel and other inputs went up. Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube told a parliamentary committee on Monday that although electricity was still cheaper compared to regional peers, at 2.5…

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Zimbabweans braced for 5-hour daily power cuts as dam levels fall, aging plants stutter

HARARE – State-owned power utility ZESA, citing low water levels reduce output from its biggest hydro plant, on Sunday said it would ration electricity supply, with households set to be without power for at least five hours daily. ZESA, which is too broke to import power to cover the deficit, published a load shedding schedule on Sunday through its power transmission company while urging Zimbabweans to use the limited available power sparingly, by switching off all non-essential loads. “The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission & Distribution Company (ZETDC) is experiencing increased power…

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ZESA warns of power cuts after water restrictions at Lake Kariba

HARARE – Power utility ZESA has warned of imminent power cuts after receding water levels at Lake Kariba forced a reduction in electricity generation. ZESA says the Kariba Power Station is being restricted by the Zambezi River Authority which has reduced water allocation from 19 cubic meters to 16 billion cubic meters for the rest of the year after low water inflows. “To this end, electricity generation at the Kariba Power Station will thus be reduced to an average of 358 megawatts from the planned average of 542 megawatts as…

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