Gospel singer Michael Mahendere clinches regional gong

Gospel singer Michael Mahendere clinches regional gong 1

By Khahliso Ncube The awards keep on rolling! For musician and Minister Michael Mahendere, the sky is the limit with yet another regional gong — the 2019 Outstanding Male Minister — that he bagged at the Maranatha Awards in Nairobi Kenya recently. Minister Michael Mahendere bagged the 2019 Outstanding Male Minister at the Maranatha Awards in Nairobi Kenya recently. Mahendere, a well known Praise and Worship music star, is a product of the United Family International Church (Ufic) gospel music ministry. For a man who is not new to winning…

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Boss Sakina aims high

Boss Sakina aims high 2

On May 24, 2019 16,466 0 By Taonga Nyemba Songbird Sakina “Boss Sakina” Muzhewe, who is also a model, reckons she is striking right chords after engaging seasoned artistes on collaborations. Boss Sakina The 29-year-old Afro pop beauty said this year she has a number of projects with some of them already produced. “This year is going to be my year, so far I have worked with Greatman and Bounty Lisa. Related Articles “It has been a great experience working with both artistes; Greatman inspired me a lot, I wouldn’t…

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Mangwenya Africa Day bira on cards

Mangwenya Africa Day bira on cards 3

By Esther Madambi Self proclaimed spiritual consultant Diana “Mangwenya” Samkange has urged people to uphold their culture especially in these trying days. Songwriter and singer, Diana Samkange, aka Mangwenya Mangwenya, who is billed to share the stage with Good Child and Dziva Rembira on Saturday at Solomons Lifestyle Café in Glen View said people should know where they are standing spiritually. “People should go back to their traditions and spirituality and know where they are standing. Related Articles “Sometimes we should stop blaming top officials for failing us and seek…

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My childhood haunts me: Squanda

My childhood haunts me: Squanda 4

By Edwin Nhukarume Self proclaimed Zim dancehall queen, Lady Squanda – real name Sandra Gazi – who grew up without feeling the affection of her parents, says her childhood days were her most painful experience. Controversial Zim Dancehall singer Lady Squanda The 27-year-old, who was raised by her maternal grandmother, believes the absence of her parents during her youthful days limited her capabilities and opportunities in life. Her mother passed away when she was five years old. Related Articles In a wide ranging interview, Lady Squanda revealed how she got…

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US comedian obtains Eritrean citizenship

US comedian obtains Eritrean citizenship 5

On May 24, 2019 14,355 0 US comedian and actress Tiffany Hadish has been granted Eritrean citizenship – the birthplace of her father. Tiffany Haddish She is currently in Eritrea to join in celebrations to mark the country’s 28 years of independence celebrations. The government’s Information Minister has tweeted a photo of her at a street carnival in the capital, Asmara, on Wednesday: Haddish visited Eritrea last year to bury her father, Sihaye Reda Haddish, and to link up with his relatives. Related Articles During her visit she also met…

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Zoey to open massage parlour in Bulawayo

Zoey to open massage parlour in Bulawayo 6

By Bongani Ndlovu Pole dancer, Zoey Sifelani, is planning to open a massage parlour in Bulawayo as a way to expand her new business venture that she says is paying more than her dancing profession. Zoey Sifelani Zoey reportedly opened a massage parlour in Harare last month. Speaking ahead of her show in Bulawayo at Zansibar tonight, Zoey, who opened a branch in Harare, said she was being overwhelmed. Related Articles “I’ll speak with some of my connections in Bulawayo and find out what I can do with regards to…

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Ivy Kombo’s message to cyclone survivors

Ivy Kombo’s message to cyclone survivors 7

By Godwin Muzari After spending 12 years in the United Kingdom, Ivy Kombo would have wanted to return home to meet jubilant fans and a happy nation. Ivy Kombo Sadly, her return coincided with one of the worst natural disasters in the country. The singer arrived in Harare in March, barely a week after Cyclone Idai had ravaged parts of Manicaland, killing hundreds of people and leaving a trail of destruction. Related Articles Ivy came back home to a mourning nation and she found herself in the centre of grief…

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Tocky Vibes welcomes baby

Tocky Vibes welcomes baby 8

By Taonga Nyemba Zimdancehall artist Obey “Tocky Vibes” Makamure shared good news about his baby boy’s birth with his fans yesterday. Tocky Vibes with newly born baby Prior to the new born baby, Tocky said he was ready for the added responsibility as he has always been responsible. “Yes, mhuri yakura mudon wekutanga. Related Articles “As a father, the bigger the family the bigger the responsibility, tajaira because tagara tine maresponsibility akawanda. “Tinobatika atingarwadziwe, tongotenda Mwari awedzera,” said Tocky. The dancehall chanter said there was dispute between him and the…

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CST and Lorraine Guyo dating?

CST and Lorraine Guyo dating? 9

It appears socialite Thomas “CST” Chizhanje and Lorraine Guyo of the Ndinyengeiwo fame cum actress are not just workmates after all but are also in a love relationship. Thomas Chizhanje and Lorraine Guyo (Photo Credit Tinpo Media) After having initially denied the allegations in an earlier with publication that the two are not dating but was only a managing her business affairs, Chizhanje recently hinted the two are going out with a post on face book. He posted a collage of pictures in his group Chizhanje and Friends accompanied with…

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Actor dumps Wenera for BV Labien Musica

Actor dumps Wenera for BV Labien Musica 10

ByEdwin Nhukarume Former Wenera actor Lloyd “Asalif” Boora has dumped the soapie to manage rhumba outfit BV Labien Musica. Lloyd “Asalif” Boora Boora said he has found a new trade in the form of managing artistes and he felt BV Labien Musica need a revival in the genre. “I have left acting in the Wenera soap because I have a task to manage the group BV Labien Musica. Related Articles “The group called me to help them since they know me as someone who once worked with Gary Tight. “I…

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