US ‘border militia training to assassinate Obama’ – FBI

The suspected leader of a New Mexico militia group allegedly boasted of plans to assassinate former President Barack Obama, the FBI has said. Larry Mitchell Hopkins, who also goes by the alias Striker (left), speaking with a militia member Larry Mitchell Hopkins, 69, and his group United Constitutional Patriots, also plotted to target Hillary Clinton and billionaire George Soros, according to a tip received by the FBI. It is unclear when he allegedly made these comments, which were included in court papers released this week. His lawyer has denied the…

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Donald Trump’s wall: How tech guards the US-Mexico border

Donald Trump’s wall: How tech guards the US-Mexico border 1

By Nick Kwek |BBC| “We gotta get outta here!” cries Agent Daniel Hernandez of US Border Patrol. Moments earlier a hurled rock from over the fence whacked the tin roof next to us with an almighty thud. Its target: Agent Hernandez, my camerawoman and yours truly. The IFTs are used to detect, identify and track illegal border crossings “You gotta limit your exposure when you’re there by the International Fence, you know,” says Agent Hernandez, once we’re safely back in his truck. I do now. Related Articles We are in…

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