Malunga sets eyes on politics

Malunga sets eyes on politics 1

By Bridget Mananavire Musician Clive Malunga has expressed ambitions of getting into politics, eyeing the Norton parliamentary seat in the next election that is due in 2023. Clive Malunga Malunga, who has taken a back seat in the country’s music industry, said he would not be joining any new political party as he has always been Zanu PF. The Nesango hit maker told the Daily News that he will be using politics as a stepping stone to get into the system and make a meaningful contribution to the arts sector.…

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Zanu PF to finalise Chamisa’s Con-Court bill

Zanu PF to finalise Chamisa’s Con-Court bill 2

By Helen Kadirire Zanu PF’s legal team is yet to come up with the bill of costs in the presidential suit they won at the Constitutional Court in August last year against Movement for Democratic Change leader Nelson Chamisa. Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana head of the Zanu PF party’s legal team which defended the results in court (Picture by AFP) In an interview with the Daily News this week, team leader Canaan Dube of Dube, Manikai and Hwacha said the process needed to be treated delicately. The finalisation of the bill…

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We’re all to blame: Zanu PF

We’re all to blame: Zanu PF 3

By Mugove Tafirenyika Neither the ruling party nor President Emmerson Mnangagwa are to blame for the country’s economic woes that are giving rise to labour unrests, Zanu PF’s information tsar said yesterday. President Emmerson Mnangagwa with Zanu PF spokesman Simon Khaya Moyo at State House “This is not about a Zanu PF or government issue alone. It is about all Zimbabweans having to put our heads together to get the country going. “The workers who are striking are not demanding to be paid by Zanu PF but by government and…

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Of mute MPs and their mute brigade

Of mute MPs and their mute brigade 4

By Blessings Mashaya Parliament offers its members many platforms to speak on diverse issues.A member can rise on the floor to table a petition, a private members’ Bill, raise a matter of national importance, ask a question or provide information on a pertinent matter. Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda Parliamentarians may also stand on the floor to raise a point of procedure or point of order in addition to contributing to the debate on the floor. Despite all these platforms available to members of Parliament, some legislators have not uttered…

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5 Key factors to the Mutodi Mutsvangwa war

5 Key factors to the Mutodi Mutsvangwa war 5

By Alistair Nyakudya We took a keen interest in the salvo fired on Twitter by Deputy Minister Energy Mutodi. This salvo was aimed at his boss Monica Mutsvangwa. Investigations into the matter revealed these 5 Points of Collission between Monica Mutsvangwa & Energy Mutodi 1. Mutsvangwa wants Presidential age limit raised from 40 years to 52 years (Mutodi says such a resolution will portray President ED as a tyrant and autocrat. There must be other means to deal with MDC without tampering with the Constitution. We can not change goal…

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“Mutsvango targets me, captures Ncube” – Minister Mutodi

"Mutsvango targets me, captures Ncube" - Minister Mutodi 6

Deputy Minister Enegy Mutodi has started a twitter war against his Boss Monica Mutswangwa. Mutodi a self confessed ally of President Mnangagwa has followed in the footsteps of Professor Jonathan Moyo. Moyo was popular for fighting his party and government seniors on Twitter. Minister Monica Mutsvangwa is working with a rogue driver who is claiming to have been assaulted by me. She wants me fired from the Information Ministry and replaced by her loyalist. She has captured the state media & AMH newspapers. It’s game on.

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Chamisa ramps up Mnangagwa pressure

Chamisa ramps up Mnangagwa pressure 8

By Blessings Mashaya Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa is ratcheting up the pressure on President Emmerson Mnangagwa in a bid to energise the frustratingly slow tempo of the much-talked about national dialogue meant to end the country’s deepening economic crisis. Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa and President Emmerson Mnangagwa This comes as long-suffering citizens are enduring one of the worst festive seasons in the history of post-independent Zimbabwe — marked by debilitating shortages of fuel and basic goods such as cooking oil and soft drinks, among a myriad other challenges. It also…

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Mnangagwa anti-corruption drive half-hearted

Mnangagwa anti-corruption drive half-hearted 9

In legal circles, it is said that “justice delayed is justice denied.”In essence, the axiom implies that matters brought before the courts must be dealt with within a reasonable time because delaying the granting of justice is tantamount to denying it altogether. President Emmerson Mnangagwa It infers that the courts must expediently try issues so that the aggrieved parties get justice. When President Emmerson Mnangagwa came to power in November last year through a soft coup that toppled former strongman Robert Mugabe, he vowed to root out corruption. However, in…

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ZBC cannot continue on this path

ZBC cannot continue on this path 10

The case at the High Court in which the War Veterans Welfare Group has sued the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) for refusing to flight advertisements inviting former liberation war heroes to participate in a demonstration held in Harare recently, has once again put the national broadcaster in negative spotlight. A ZBC cameraman wears a ZANU-PF t-shirt as he covers the then President Robert Mugabe’s election campaign and manifesto launch at Zimbabwe Grounds in Harare As a public broadcaster, which is what ZBC should be, it must shun partisanship and serve…

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Mnangagwa fails to shake off Mugabe dust

Mnangagwa fails to shake off Mugabe dust 11

When President Emmerson Mnangagwa took over from former president Robert Mugabe, he was received with much zeal and hope. Then Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe flanked by his then deputy Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa In his inaugural speech, he promoted the slogan the “Voice of the people is the voice God.” This literally meant that he was going to be a listening president. As such, locals, the continent and the international community alike saw huge investment opportunities in the country. In no time, investors were trickling in and Mnangagwa on several…

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